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The HER Initiatives 

The HER Initiatives™, led by TaChelle Lawson, presents a comprehensive strategy to support and strengthen women in the business sector. The strategy acknowledges the essential role of continuous learning and professional development to maintain competitiveness and build confidence. The initiatives address women's challenges, such as operational barriers affecting growth, limited advancement opportunities, and a general lack of confidence.

Unapologetically Confident™ seeks to close these gaps through educational events that provide women with critical knowledge and skills. 

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educate HER™

Continuous learning and professional development are necessities in the competitive business world. They’re also essential to building confidence. 


The facts are that women face unique challenges, including operational gaps that can hinder their growth and competitiveness, fewer opportunities for advancement and an overall lack of confidence. Unapologetically Confident™  understands this and is on a mission to bridge these gaps. Our education events equip women with essential knowledge and skills to leverage confidence as their biggest asset and combine it with cutting-edge technology tools such as automation, AI, and modern business solutions. Confidence isn’t a luxury. Neither is knowledge. Both are necessities in today’s competitive landscape.


The educate HER™ initiative is about training women to increase their capacity to operate more efficiently, compete successfully, secure valuable contract opportunities, and confidently do so. This is not just about business growth. It’s about economic advancement for all women!

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support HER™

Policies and decisions hold the key to success in the business world. Yet, many women business owners are unaware of advocacy's profound influence on their businesses. Unapologetically Confident™  is on a crusade to change that by championing local, state and national advocacy programs and events, seeking to transform public policy for women business owners.


The truth is that countless women are directly affected by policies and regulations they might not fully comprehend. These decisions can shape their industries, influence their access to capital, impact their growth opportunities and determine their futures. Unapologetically Confident™ is committed to bridging this knowledge gap. We are dedicated to educating, engaging, and encouraging women to understand and navigate the complexities of advocacy and the power of HER voice.

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represent HER™

Unlocking new horizons and potential contact and career opportunities for women. Unapologetically Confident™  is forging pathways toward equity for ALL women. 


Since women in leadership continue to be outnumbered by their male counterparts when accessing growth opportunities, competing for contracts or a fair shot at a promotion, SHE needs support. Unapologetically Confident™ recognizes the disparity and is on a mission to change the narrative.  


Women deserve an equal shot at economic growth. And Unapologetically Confident™ is here to support HER™ in getting it. 

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