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7 Characteristics of Confident People

We all know at least one person that comes to mind when we think about confidence. Now think about some of the traits that come to mind when you think about them. While it can be difficult to tell who's a confident person, there are certain traits and characteristics that confident people possess. Knowing these traits can help you identify if you are confident or where there’s an opportunity for improvement.

1. They are self-assured.

A confident person does not need approval from others. They know exactly who they are and whether or not they did a good job. Because of this, they don’t need to seek outside validation.

2. They are resilient.

When a confident person faces rejection, failure, etc., they don’t give into self-doubt. They know they bring something valuable to the table and will reevaluate, adjust and persevere.

3. They know their strengths.

Not only do confident people know their strengths, but they also focus on them. If they are great at planning and organizing, that’s where they live. More than that, they know their weaknesses and know when to delegate.

4. They take initiative.

Confident people don’t wait around for something to happen. They make it happen. If they want that next promotion or the corner office, they will take initiative and show people that they want it and will get it.

5. They know how to say no.

Do you know the saying time is money? Well confident people live by that. Confident people know their time is valuable, and it's okay and necessary to say no.

6. They are risk-takers.

Confident people know that they must get out of their comfort zone and take risks to reach their goals and become successful.

7. They are decisive.

Confident people know what they want and are confident in their decisions. They evaluate the pros and cons of each decision and decide what they are confident in.

Becoming confident does not happen overnight; it takes time and effort. If you are ready to start your journey towards being more confident, get in touch with our team to learn more about our confidence coaching packages.

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