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How to build confidence: 5 tips to be more confident

While most of us strive to be confident to feel better about ourselves, the benefits of being confident don’t stop there. The higher our confidence, the more likely we will go after what we want. More than that, confidence increases your chances of success because when we think we will fail, we often do. So whether you are looking to become more confident or take that next big step, here are five tips to becoming more confident.

1. Be specific - where do you lack confidence?

To be confident, you have to undercover where you lack it. Be specific. When and where does your confidence take a dip? Is it presenting in front of new clients? Asking for that promotion? Speaking up in a meeting?

Once you get specific, you’ll have a better understanding of where you should focus and can begin creating on tangible steps to address each one.

2. Where do you shine?

We all have areas where we excel, so ask yourself, where do you truly shine? When do you feel most confident? What makes you feel confident? Are there any connections? Was it the environment, the people, or something you were doing?

Identify where you feel most confident and put yourself in more situations like those.

3. Remember, you are not 100% anything.

If we look at a pie chart of our skills, we are not 100% in any area. You may be 25% skilled in writing, 15% in interpersonal skills, 35% in creative skills, and 5% in public speaking. While you lack confidence in public speaking, there are plenty of other areas where you crush it!

Instead of focusing on all the areas that 5%, focus on the 35% because that is your natural or core talent. Increasing your confidence in something you’re already good at will be an easy win and will motivate you to one day work on the 15% and so on.

4. Find your pride

While confidence ultimately comes from within, having a “pride,” aka a group of people who will support you, is another way to boost your confidence.

Spend more time with people that build you up rather than those who bring you down.

5. Go for it

You lose confidence when you spend most of your time waiting, wondering, and worrying about the outcome. Instead of standing at the edge, jump in. Those who wait miss out! Action is a prominent confidence builder, so go for it.

Building confidence takes time and effort. If you are ready to build your confidence today, head to our confidence coaching packages to jumpstart your journey.

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