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Don't take it from us! Hear the women TaChelle has helped with confidence, business, and more. 


"I was able to use the advice TaChelle gave me to obtain a raise.


She gave me clear and direct instructions that I followed and was able to confidently ask for a raise. I consider myself to be a confident woman however when it comes to money and asking for what I am worth, I felt stalled. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Tachelle and for the confident boost and advice she gave me. I would absolutely recommend Tachelle as a confidence coach!"


Executive Assistant to Carolynn Towbin

Chairman/Dealer Principal

"I am confident in who this person is right now and I am excited for the person that I get to continue to learn and grow with as the future just continues.


I would really encourage everyone, anyone, to just explore the possibility of having a confidence coach."


6-month of Confidence Coaching 

"So TaChelle provided a straightforward, no B.S. coaching session thats’ messaging was really tailored to our feedback during the session.


Everyone who was there felt that it was curated just for them. As a professional woman, I often noticed that I struggle to find the confidence to be bold and assertive, and when to lean into my gentle strengths. TaChelle really helped understand the difference in that, she really highlighted how we’re all different, but there are common roadblocks that we’re all facing and what we should do to overcome these. Her energy was instrumental in the session being interesting and engaging, and something we really wanted to be a part of. She encouraged dialogue and conversation and gave strong encouraging action items every time. I highly recommend TaChelle’s confidence coaching session for anyone who really wants to step up their game."


Executive Director of Epicurean Charitable Foundation

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